Horseback riding tour with wine tasting

Six years ago it was brought to our attention that due to the recent downturn in our economy, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of horses abused by their owners. These horses are often abandoned or just turned loose to fend for themselves, usually resulting in starvation and loss of life.

Through the assistance of our local veterinarian we rehabilitated our first rescue of two horses — Sierra, a badly injured horse and another horse named Caramel. Through local support and monies brought in by trail tours we have taken in a total of 43 horses. We have leased out a 20 acre ranch in Temecula Valley where these lovely horses can have the love they deserve and happily find a life’s purpose again.

Through your support we can continue to take in more of these amazing, beautiful animals. All proceeds are used for feed, medical care, and farrier services. Through natural horsemanship training we can recondition, rehabilitate and retrain these horses to live a healthy and productive life. Our experienced trainers will evaluate each and every horse and condition them for touring guests through the Temecula Valley’s wine vineyards. Not every rescue horse will fit this program — those that do not fit this program are released to carefully selected owners by a rigorous interview process.

  Featured here, our most recent horse rescues. Please click on their picture for a larger view and to read their story.  
  Each month we will feature two of our rescues. You will see their picture and hear their story. They say that the eye is the window to the soul. These horses have such a beautiful spirit, please help up to continue sharing these loving souls with you. Horses give us so much love, companionship and continue to reward us with their presence.  
Riding with us helps to contribute to our horse rescue program.
All proceeds goes toward rehabilitating horses in need.

This tour will guide you by horseback down the lush green vineyards of our local vineyards. Our guides will enlighten you on the grapes that are grown here in our valley and some wine making tips. During the season we will taste several varieties while riding. After this 90 minutes of riding you will then visit 4 different wineries to sample these award winning wines that Temecula Wine Country has grown so famous for.